Battleship Potemkin

Ezequiel Menalled has composed a new soundtrack for Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 masterpiece, it is performed by Modelo62.

‘Battleship Potemkin’ remains the most influential silent film of all time, as well as possibly Eisenstein’s greatest work. Menalled imagines a new soundtrack to this powerful tale of rebellion and people’s uprising against oppression. Made on mesure for Modelo62 who deliver on an epic scale.

The work detaches itself from being a soundtrack to a silent film and transforms the music into an eventual, possible, aural proposition of an indivisible meta-version of the film, with the film; a speculative renewed lease on a previously unforeseen and unheard of afterlife for Battleship Potemkin for which Eisenstein himself wished a new soundtrack to be created every twenty years.

Sven Schlijper-Karssenberg

Premiered at Lantaren Venster, ROTTERDAM, 2022. Recorded 13th of March 2020 at the Modelo62 rehearsal studio, The Hague, The Netherlands. Album released by Moving Furniture Records. 2023

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