DIXIT is an on-going series of interviews conducted by Modelo62. We talk to artists and composers that are part of our universe. They share their creative process, inspiration, working methods; strategies against creative blocks, artworks, and other topics of a creative life. They also talk specifically about the pieces they created for/with the ensemble and share some insights about them.

The DIXIT collection of interviews available on our Youtube channel, is a way to share interesting questions and experiences that we debated with the creators, beyond the works that were made for the stage.

DIXIT #1 Claudio Baroni

DIXIT #2 Sól Ey

DIXIT #3 Maurizio Tedde

DIXIT #4 Christina Viola Oorebeek

DIXIT #5 Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio

DIXIT #6 Petra Strahovnik

DIXIT #7 Rocc

DIXIT #8 Alison Isadora

DIXIT #9 Nahuel Cano

DIXIT #10 Chaz Underriner

DIXIT #11 Lucie Nezri

DIXIT #12 Clara de Asís

DIXIT #13 Keir Neuringer

#1 Claudio Baroni


Claudio F. Baroni an Argentinean composer based in The Netherlands. As a composer specializing in experimental music, his work can be described as a systematic investigation into the nature of sound, timbral qualities, and the strength of materials. website

In this interview Baroni talks about his work as a composer, from its very beginning when he was just a child. He also comments on his two pieces: “Confessions” (inspired by poet Anne Carson) and “Vis Insita” (inspired by Newton’s concept of inertia) premiered with Modelo62 in 2022.

#4 Christina Viola Oorebeek


Chistina Viola Oorebeek is an American-Dutch composer who left the US in ’69. She dabbled in bebop jazz, songwriting, music for dance and studied piano with Willem Brons at the CvA. Oorebeek started Composition at age 50, studying with Klaas de Vries at CodArts Rotterdam, graduating with the Composition Prize. She has been composing ever since. website

In this interview Christina talks about her unique creative path from its very beginning when as a kid till she decided to become a composer. She also comments on her piece “Neon study #1” which was part of our “Intercity Sessions 2022” program.

#7 Rocc

Opera stage director

Rocc is a Slovenian-born opera stage director, scenographer, dramaturge, performance artist, opera manager and pedagogue. He is responsible for the staging direction of “BallerinaBallerina”‘ by Petra Strahovnik. website

In this interview, Rocc talks about his creative process as an opera stage director worldwide. He also comments on his proposals for the staging of the piece “‘BallerinaBallerina” (See DIXIT#6) giving us the chance to get to know its world better.

#10 Chaz Underriner

Chaz Underriner (b. 1987 in Texas, USA) is a composer, intermedia artist and performer based in DeLand, Florida where he is an Assistant Professor of Digital Arts at Stetson University. Chaz’s work explores the representation of reality in art, especially landscape, through the juxtaposition of video projections, audio recordings and live performers. website

In this interview Chaz talks about his creative process and the reasons why he wants to evoke with music the same sensations that reality provokes.  He also comments on his piece “Moving” premiered during Gaudeamus Festival (2023)

#13 Keir Neuringer

Keir Neuringer (USA) is a saxophonist, composer, and writer whose work is underpinned by interdisciplinary approaches and socio-political contextualizations.

In this interview, Keir talks about his creative processes and the importance of socio-political contextualizations in his practice of making music. He also comments on his piece “Elegy for the schoolboys at Ghazi Khan” and its relevance today, 14 years after it was composed. “Elegy for the schoolboys at Ghazi Khan” was part of the programme of Modelo62 20 years celebration (2023).

#2 Sol Ey

multidisciplinary artist and researcher

Sól Ey is an Icelandic multidisciplinary artist based in The Netherlands. In her work, she creates multi-sensory experiences that connect sound, space, movement, light, and the body. With a background in composition, she makes performances, installations and instruments that emphasize performative interaction, immersion, and participation. website

In this interview Sól Ey talks about her artistic life and creative process. She also comments on her piece “Light again” which was part of our “Intercity Sessions 2022” program.

#5 Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio


Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio is an Argentinean composer based in The Netherlands since 2002. Besides her prolific career as a composer, she has published several articles in specialized publications in Latin America and various European countries. Her music has been object of study by many scholars and researchers all over the world. website

In this interview Cecilia talks about her work as a composer, from its very beginning. She also comments on her piece “Boxes” which was part of our “Intercity Sessions 2022” program.

#8 Alison Isadora


Alison Isadora is a composer born in New Zealand who has been based in Amsterdam since the late 80’s. As well as composing chamber music, Isadora creates music-theatre performances, audio walks and installations. Her music has been performed internationally.

In this interview she talks about her creative path from her studies in political philosophy till her foray into the field of violin and musical composition. She also comments on her piece “Together #6” which she developed with Modelo62.

# 11 Lucie Nezri

Lucie Nezri is a composer, artist, and performer born in Hyères (France) and currently based in Den Haag (NL).

Nezri (France) is drawn toward abstraction and simplicity. Her work bridges different contexts and disciplines pertaining to musical composition, tuning theory, computer science, and, at times, choreography.

In this interview, Lucie talks about the reasons that led her to become a composer, her creative process, and its difficulties. She also comments on her piece “For experiencers”, piece that was part of the Modelo62 20 years celebration (2023).

#3 Maurizio Tedde


Maurizio Tedde is an Italian composer trained in both Italy and the Netherlands. His works includes pieces for ensemble, solo, as well as acousmatic and audio-visual pieces. website

In this interview Tedde talks about his creative process, inspiration or working method. He also comments on his piece “Venus station” which was part of our “Intercity Sessions 2022” program.

#6 Petra Strahovnik


Petra Strahovnik is a Slovenian composer, interdisciplinary artist, performer, researcher and lecturer. Since her beginning Petra has been following her path of searching for new sounds and she has never been barred by traditional way of how we think about sound and music. website

In an Art Residency with the ensemble Modelo62 Petra created the project ‘DisOrders’, several art works combining music and performance art to raise questions on how we deal with mental health. As part of the same project, Petra created her piece “BallerinaBallerina”, a music theatre performance about a 15-year-old autistic girl. The piece aims to invite the audience to experience the world from her perspective. In this interview Petra talks about her work as a composer, her influences and inspiration. She also comments on her piece “BallerinaBallerina” in which Modelo62 collaborated by bringing new music in the leading role

#9 Nahuel Cano


Nahuel Cano was born in Neuquén, Argentina in 1982. Currently he lives and works in the Netherlands. He is an actor, theater-maker, and sound experimenter. His field of artistic action is mobile, exploring the possibilities of performance, sound, cinema, and theater. In 2020 he graduated from the DAS Theater Master program in Amsterdam. website

In this interview Nahuel talks about his creative processes and the political dimension of his creations. He also comments on his piece “Ways to listen to a river” premiered during Gaudeamus Festival (2023)

#12 Clara de Asís

Clara de Asís (Spain) is a composer and sound artist.

She explores the nexus of acoustics, spatiality, alternative notation and the phenomenology of attention. Her work focuses on sound perception, incorporating electronics and analog synthesis to idiosyncratic combinations of diverse materials and found objects.

In this interview, Clara talks about her creative processes, the value of paying attention to everyday life as an inspiration to make music and the importance of the commission by Gerliene and Sven Karssenberg-Schlijper for the creation of her new piece “Mirage” for Modelo62.